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Posted by Bill Hudson ( on November 14, 2002 at 16:10:33:

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There are two point i would like to make about this book. For starters i would like to comment that i am only a freshman and its been two years since i read this book, but i would still like to place my input into this discussion.
To began, I cant remember where this came from but there is a quote from William Golding the author. In which he says somethin (along the line)" At the end of the book you see that the boys are rescued from the island... but then you must ask yourself. Who is going to save the salors?" What Golding is trying to emply is the ananlogy torwards the fact that these boys in war are saved by people in war. This uses the whole story as an analogy torwards people in general. People are savage... not just the boys!
The second point i want to get at is that every good philosopher or auther has a simple point. I do not believe this book should be torn apart line by line for meanings. It is my belifes that William Goldings summerization of this book would be something along the lines of. Humans consider themselfs superiar and what not, but when it comes down to it you have your human instinct and your animal instinct. When it comes down to it your animal instict will supercide your human instinct. In other words people are and will always be savage because we are animals and nothing more. We indaldge ourselfs into this crazy noticion that we are more then that.

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