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Posted by Misagh ( on November 19, 2002 at 13:11:39:

In Reply to: Paradoxes and dilemmas - notes on homosexuality posted by Stuart Gilman on November 19, 2002 at 05:38:10:

Excellent points raised.

Homosexuality takes its place among other sexual practices that are either not sanctionned or forbidden in the writings of Shoghi Effendi/Holy Scripture. Examples are masturbation, adultry, etc. But, much broader than that, it takes its place among ordinances such as not using opium and derivatives (except with doctor's prescription, of course), not drinking, etc. There were and still are Baha'is out there who use drugs and drink, and of course Baha'is that were and are homosexual. Do we deny them the Ark of Salvation? Of course not!

Homosexuals are human beings with souls. It's as simple as that. In my humble opinion, there is no difference between a person struggling not to express homosexual tendancies in sexual acts and, say, a person struggling not to masturbate or a compulsive adulterer struggling not to commit adultry, or, heck, a person struggling to keep their thoughts pure (as we are told to strive to do all the time!). If there is a genetic or other biochemical link to homosexuality (and there is evidence towards this) then that makes the struggle for the homosexual that much harder perhaps. Of course, I don't understand how hard this struggle is, but from what I have gathered it is quite hard indeed. I hope this all made sense...

Just my two rials (notice how much less 2 rials is worth than 2 cents... ahh thank you) ;)
PS... having homosexuals in our community is EXACTLY what the Faith needs. The Faith is for *everyone*, absolutely everyone! :)

PPS... a conference on the issue of how Baha'is welcome others into the community is a great idea!

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