"the rhythm of truthful consonance"

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Here are some miscellaneous quotes and references that include a reference to the "God sufficeth..." quote, see double asterisk below:

"Regarding your questions: The Guardian feels it is not necessary to
repeat the Bab's prayer so many times."[**] (From a letter written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to an individual believer, September 30, 1950)

[*] Written in response to a question as to how often this prayer should repeated to produce the greatest results.

[**] Written in response to a question about the repetition 114 times in the morning for 19 Rockhill, Knowlton, Quebec J0E 1V0 days of the prayer of the Bab,'Say! God sufficeth all things above all things'.

1518. Community Prayer Sessions {this is relevant and important}

"The Guardian wishes me to assure you that he sees no objection to the
friends coming together for meditation and prayer. Such a communion helps in fostering fellowship among the believers, and as such is highly commendable." (From a letter written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to an individual believer, November 20, 1937: Spiritual Foundations: Prayer, meditation, and the Devotional Attitude, op. cit.)

EDEN, please note of interest - and why I included it - is that this last para. "From a letter written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi...." The phrase 'on behalf of...' is normal scholarship when collecting the voluminous speeches, letters, texts, private meetings transcribed by 'secretaries" and so on. This is emphatic the further back in time we research. The words of Moses and the words of the Buddha can be found both transcribed and translated in dozens of forms, many controversial by their differences. A great deal of Faith is required when accepting either an alleged original document or a translation. There are many differences in the translations of the Aqdas, and when you consider, anon, that the Aqdas was presented in both Arabic and Persian, one must allow for considerable leeway as to both text and translation.

My advice is, consider within yourself the True Heart and Soul of Baha. Based on that, you should not concern yourself so much with exactitude and reference, but with what I call, "the rhythm of truthful consonance", or "the sound of inner truth".


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