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Posted by Loren ( on November 22, 2002 at 00:47:52:

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Dear anon,

These are different but similar, "prayers". Perhaps it is helpful to remember that most of the "prayers" compiled in our prayer books, are extracted from various tablets. Often what becomes a prayer in a prayer book is only a portion of the whole "prayer" or tablet that it comes from, and you have probably encountered many passages in the writings, that repeat something from another tablet, sometimes verbatim other times only similarly. Not all of the Tablets and Writings contain entirely unique content. But if that is the situation in this case, I don't know.

I noticed in a previous post of yours your quoted a passage from Al-Aqdas, in its revealed Arabic form so I presume you have some knowledge of the language. If that is a reasonable assumption, if you go and look in some of your prayer books which have the Arabic and Persian in them, you will find there as well, two different but very similar formats of the Bab's prayer you are referring to.

This is the kind of question best suited for the Reasearch department. The differences could be because they come from similar but different quotations from different sources, or, it is possible that a publisher made a printing error, and these things happen sometimes. I don't know the source of either versions of this prayer, although in my Arabic/Persian collection of books, I do have both of them, where they differ basically only in the number of occurrences of shay. Basically either "kuli shay" or "Kuli shay an kuli shay" (Arabic: á í or á í á í ) Unfortunately none of my prayer books has any references for anything in them.

Sorry I can't answer your question, but I thought I might add some perspective anyway. I would encourage you to ask the Research Department. This particular prayer has been brought up by others I know, so it is no secret, and they may already have an answer for this question if you ask them.

Good Luck!


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