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Posted by PatK ( on November 22, 2002 at 20:06:01:

In Reply to: Truth, Interpretation and Context. posted by Stuart on November 22, 2002 at 09:25:18:

:SG: There must be something inherently wrong with e-text. anon's mis-understanding of my posts and his modest indignation over a
criticism never intended, cannot be explained otherwise.

:SG: I would not dare to accuse anyone of having a crisis in Faith and especially not anon.

PK: anon had asked specific questions of us as a group, and later of you. I didn't see that you answered his latter questions of you to substantiate the answer you gave him of the first question. Looking at the remark below, offered in lieu of what anon asked, I can see why anon got a bit off of the academic vein, you lead him.

::SG: My advice is, consider within yourself the True Heart and Soul of Baha. Based on that, you should not concern yourself so much
with exactitude and reference, but with what I call, "the rhythm of truthful consonance", or "the sound of inner truth".

PK: BTW, the Chinese language was _not_ preceded by Hindi. There are several spoken Chinese languages, with no relation to Hindi. In Buddhist libraries, the Chinese texts were preceded by Pali, the language of the Buddha, not Hindi; the older Buddhist texts are very similar.

PK: One can not claim to set aside scholarship for 'vision' and 'understanding' when one his misunderstanding instead. So, Stuart, please be patient with the rest of us who seek the facts, and will develop explanations from the actual facts. We might not get there as fast as others, but, in time, we will get down the road. For some, it is not so much a rush to our destinations (which we can hardly miss) but the quality of the journey, appreciation for this scenic route.

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