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Posted by PatK ( on November 23, 2002 at 15:52:42:

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Allahu Abha!

This answer is from Nima Saoshyant, also in Oz:

The passage in question is from the Persian Bayan, not the Dala'il Saba'
(Seven Proofs). It is to be recited 314 times to the numerical value of the
word qadir (the powerful):

Allahu yakfi * `an kullu shay'in wa la yakfi `an Allahi rabbika min shay'in
la-fi samawaat wa la fi'l-ard wa la ma baynahuma innahu kana `allaman
kafi'an qadir.

*not _yakfa_ as most Persian Baha'is and some who follow them incorrectly


I'm confident that Nima's latin transliteration will not turn into a bunch of question marks; hooray!

- Pat

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