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Such interesting conversation has ensued. Thanks everyone for your input. And thank you Pat for your most valuable posting of communications from the World Centre - it saves them their time so I don't have to refer to them this question again. As for Persian and Arabic texts, I am extremely limited - to the copy of the Kitab-i-Aqdas, Hidden Words, Seven Valleys, and a the short compilation Yá Iláhí published in India and previously noted. Just as background, I am currently studying Arabic, only in my third semester. So I definitely have a long way to go. I am providing a crude transcription of the passage from Yá Iláhí that I previously mentioned:

Qulu Alláhu yakfí kullu shayy'in `an kull shayy'in wa lá yakfí `an Alláh rabbika min shay'in lá fí as-samawát wa lá fí al-ard wa lá má baynahumá innahu kána `allaman káfiyan qadíran.

Now unfortunately, I have seen texts printed in India with mistakes.... especially in the Arabic texts. And this I am sure is no exception as it appears they use yá' with or without dots at their own discretion (as Nima noted - yakfá instead of yakfí). The only difference as he mentions is the kullu shay.... whether it is God sufficeth all things... or God sufficeth all things above all things.

I have started to look through the Dala'il-i Sab`ih:

It is divided into Arabic and Persian. I have glanced through the Arabic and have not found the text in question (although the phrase "and nothing in the heavens, or the earth, or whatever is between them" appears often). It may also be in the "Persian part".

I didn't see the Arabic Bayan available from that site... but the Persian Bayan is there!

Anyways, this is interesting.


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