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Another reason I posted these questions was with regard to a war with Iraq, North Korea, or any other such 'rogue' state. Baha'u'llah recommended collective security as a means to enforce peace in the world; He also enjoined upon all the Kings of the world to arise and destroy governments that broke that peace.

Despots like Saddam do threaten the peace, whether directly, or indirectly, by possessing weapons of mass destruction. But so do other states like the USA and Britain, which also possess nuclear weapons and chemical weapons.

When, as a Baha'i, I advocate consultation and multilateralism, how can I avoid the pitfalls that come as a result of the supposedly 'good guys' in international relations being so hypocritical? Am I supposed to feel pleased that the world is taking collective action on Iraq - a lesson to other would be dictators, or dismayed, that other states who continually flout UN resolutions and international law, such as Israel and the USA, for example, and the destructive effect this is having on the integrity of the United Nations and people's confidence in the rule of international law in general?



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