Bin Laden - Jonah Winters Hot-Seated Again

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Posted by SG ( on November 25, 2002 at 08:48:11:

In Reply to: Ossama Bin Laden posted by Nick Stone on November 24, 2002 at 09:42:29:

As usual, I continue to be troubled at my own confusion regarding Baha'i precepts and prohibitions. This post about Bin Laden, the USA etc and is another such confusing element. As Baha'is, we are told over and over to stay away from politics, political discussion, political affiliations, certainly political alliances, etc... Yet, here we have a political tract condemning the United States for certain actions and various other political comments, for or against whatever.

Jonah, as usual, you confuse me. You have censored my posts when they crossed the line in your opinion. You donāt like sarcasm or humour when it crosses the line. My very funny post on Shishkebabis was deleted and I never get cross. I respect every decision you make.

If you permit this series of posts to stand, you will have your reasons and I will continue to be confused.

What can this serve?: "I quite liked Bin Laden's point about 1.5 million Iraqi children dying as a result of UN sanctions on that country, which no one flinches at, yet when 3000 equally innocent people die in the September 11 atrocities (he did not word it quite like this), everyone in the world stood up and took notice." And is it not a totally biassed political statement? And whether true or not, is it not forbidden?


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