We are one fifth of one percent of the World's population

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Posted by Stuart ( on November 25, 2002 at 09:11:47:

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I love you all. I admire the sincere spirit with which you pursue the insignificant and your impossible efforts at resolving questions you create in your own minds that confuse yourselves and send you off on tangential issues of little or no importance.

But perhaps I am totally wrong. You have a right to quibble over phrases and the never-ending discoveries that will inevitably be found that agree with, disagree with or are completely different from, officially approved texts.

Perhaps your obsession with detail is an indication of a kind of depth-of-faith that I, personally, do not understand.

Forefront for me when I first started my Bahai studies, is "Why are we so few?" Less than 1% of the world.* We boast of 1.7 million Indian Bahais and I am fearful to actually investigate this report and more hesistant still to learn their adaptation of Bahai, for fear that it will not resemble our version to a degree that will make me uncomfortable.

But 1.7 Indians is not a victory. There are one billion Indians, roughly. Canada's Bahais do not even make the top 20 countries of Bahai population in number or in percent. Yet, it is here, in Montreal, that Abdul Baha designated the only Holy Shrine in North America.

* The actual number, given 3.5 billion world population and the higher estimate of 7 million Bahais worldwide = .2 % or one fifth of one percent.

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