Please ask the UHJ; also, offer to give moderator's task to someone else

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Posted by Jonah ( on November 26, 2002 at 20:04:21:

In Reply to: What Would The UHJ Say? posted by Stuart Gilman on November 26, 2002 at 07:10:05:

I encourage Stuart and anyone else to query the Universal House of Justice regarding any aspect of the Baha'i Library, and I welcome their guidance. I know of at least six letters that have been written to the House over the years to ask questions about content of the Library, and have followed their guidance -- and usually posted their letters online -- every time. Indeed, just recently I wrote to them with a question about its content and have followed their (just received) advice.

Regarding the Bulletin Board, it's ironic that until a few months ago I almost never deleted any messages -- perhaps the volume of spam and the like is increasing everywhere. Save for clear obscenity, flames, or spam, I have never deleted a post that had actual information to share.

However, moderating this board is a task that I have recently grown tired of, and would happily give the task to someone else. I propose that any interested parties nominate a third person (i.e., not themselves), and I will offer the task to whomever receives the majority of nominations. Email me privately if you like, or you can lodge your nomination publicly by posting it to the bulletin board. Better yet, to make it more democratic given our small sample, nominate two or three names.

Sincerely, Jonah

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