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Posted by Rob ( on November 29, 2002 at 22:13:52:

In Reply to: Ossama Bin Laden posted by Nick Stone on November 24, 2002 at 09:42:29:

Bin Laden is not a Muslim. Anyone who regards him as being a Moslem does not know the meaning of the word and has it wrong from the get-go. He is about as Moslem as Hitler was Christian.

The Iraqi government (Saddam and his henchmen) is soley responsible for the sanctions upon the Iraqi people for not abiding by the provisions he signed with the UN.
In the meantime, he has built something like 56 multimillion dollar palaces for himself during the past decade while the Iraqi people have suffered. UN sanctions do not preclude medical and food supplies, but Saddam refuses to abide by the conditions for the delivery of such much needed services in many cases. He and his henchmen are the murders of the Iraqi people.

Baha'u'llah approved the use of sanctions and military force through a world government to rid the world of such tyrants. The world is slowly waking to this teaching from God.

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