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Posted by SG ( on November 30, 2002 at 18:46:03:

In Reply to: First and last public response to Stuart posted by Jonah on November 30, 2002 at 16:55:53:

I appreciate the time and effort given in response to both my willful and my unintended provocations.

I must tell you that I have conferred - honestly and sincerely - with many Baha'is, Persian and otherwise, members of LSAs and NSAs who have at my request looked at your bulletin board, specifically the Osama Bin Laden thread. And ...

The most interesting conclusion is that you are not a Bahai. Now, I cannot know if this is true or not since you yourself assert that no-one can know if you or are not a Bahai in the first place. But I admit that this statement, He is not a Bahai, was totally unexpected. This was argued as follows: since it is totally interdicted for Baha'is to be politically or ethnically or racially partisan, any publication of such writing must be b y a non-Bahai. Only you know the truth or error of your ways.

Since I enjoy being provocative I cannot be injured or insulted by any of your remarks, since I created them. You should be a little curious as to why I use my true name and provide my true e-mail address. And if you enter my name in any search engine you will find me in the first twenty listings of nearly more than 2000 engines. My willingness to be verbally assaulted should give you pause ... but about what I am sure you cannot know.

But knowing what it takes to manage web sites, I admire your effort and courage. I am not the one who brought up vampirism or osama bin laden and some other really stupid posts like "How are you?"

The reason I used aliases was my passion to communicate was constrained by the fact that I had left the scene of the soc. and alt. groups where the CBs thrive. Since I always have too much to say and I do spend three hours a day or so studying Bahai texts and I am a solitary person, the internet is my connection to the world, alas for you. Seeing how few posts there were I took the liberty of using aliases or personae. In retrospect, this was wrong, despite my self-understanding.

You bring more shame than honour to Baha. I know you do not think so. Planet Bahai is far worse. The subject thread of "Radio Nur", another controversial set of posts which you removed partially because of me, is another false representative of the Faith. If you are not a Bahai - rather, since you are not a Bahai, no sanctions can be imposed on you. That is a terrific irony. You are indeed responsible to no-one. But you must accept the consequences when they arrive in the envelope of an unknown messenger.

Good luck.

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