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Posted by PatK ( on December 05, 2002 at 22:39:24:

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Allahu Abha!

My recollection of the law of thermodynamics was that it was about energy, rather than complexity. The thing about order is _backwards_: when water loses energy it freezes, leaving ice crystals which are _more_ orderly. When water acquires enough energy it vaporizes and as a gas its molecule is even less orderly.

Humans are no more complex than any other life form. Take the bacteria living in your intestines. That unicellular organism has the essential functions of digestion, defense, and even reproduction, all done in one single cell. You need millions of cells to do that! Though you and I have diverse tissue, and more genes to support that tissue diversity, the specialization of our tissues makes each of our tissues _less_ complex, as tissue becomes more specialized.

Certain segments of soceity embrace pseudo-science in lieu of biology. Anotherone of these is intelligent design, which would imply that life was created as it is now, that it did not evolve. The premise implies that our physical bodies are the perfection which God gives us, rather than our immortal souls being that perfection. Imagine if you bought a brand new computer, opened up the box, admired the intelligent design of the box, and ignored the computer which the box carried.

I hope this helps.

- Pat

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