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Posted by Munir A. Qureshi ( on February 21, 2002 at 14:46:21:

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Dear anon,
Thank you for answer. You know well that before Bahaullah‚s declaration about Aristotle as „the well known man of knowledgeš Kepler & Galileo had rejected Aristotle‚s theories about celestial sciences and numerous discussions & debates have been examined amongst well-educated persons of the era. According to our present knowledge That was the time when human knowledge had been started to correct its errors of understanding the facts of the universe, but instead of Kepler or Galileo, Bahaullah admires a philosopher of old ages and gives him a title of „the well known man of knowledgeš and an inspired person from the Divine knowledge, so very essential for you to believe all theories of Aristotle if you accept inspiration of Bahaullah a true Divinely exactness. Human knowledge of sciences might be changeable but divinely inspired knowledge must be true and everlasting. Think you are not justifying in two maters. It seems that or Rein is out of range or stirrups are far from the base.
Sorry to say that Scientists of the present era had offered new theories without care of religious matters or any wait of the őworthy Prophet‚ of the age, to be imitate. How could they be inspired from their successor?
Yours truly,
Munir A. Qureshi.

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