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Posted by Roddy Young ( on December 08, 2002 at 17:43:22:

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A switch between the two formats would be helpful.

I feel that some things need to be buried and others just splash and disapear.

Reason being is so we "do not dwell on the unpleasent things of life"

Also the faith is a growing organism and by keeping it chronological it means that new faces come in fresh. What we say here influences our souls progress in the next world and these comments are resticted to the mortal exsistance.

So a chronological thread keeps it breif and to the point. Life is a learning process and what facilitates this learning if contact with other souls and chronological threads gives a life to the board and prevents abstaction so things begin in words and end in words. this words with out action is a waste of time and growing food for the city dewellers is a more productive used of human time and is in keeping with the faith long term prospects.

"you can not teach a man about god on an empty stomach." was a good saying and we need to look at living in the rural setting. Words and more words are just a distraction.

Roddy Young 32 year old father of One married and student at masters level at waikato university in demographics

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