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To quote from Munir A. Qureshi:
"Bahaullah admires a philosopher of old ages and gives him a title of „the well known man of knowledgeš and an inspired person from the Divine
knowledge, so very essential for you to believe all theories of Aristotle if you accept inspiration of Bahaullah a true Divinely exactness. Human knowledge of sciences
might be changeable but divinely inspired knowledge must be true and everlasting."

I don't have to believe in everything Aristotle predicted if I am to believe in Baha'u'llah, or vice-versa. Again, I re-iterate, that the reason Aristotle was mentioned in this Tablet, perhaps, was because he is a good example of a scientist that had direct discourse with the centers of God's Faith at the time. His ideas were in part shaped by the divine. It is false to say that since Baha'u'llah mentions his name in the Tablet then Aristotle's ideas must have been perfect and binding for all time.

And, something else that needs to be said, particularly about the second part of your message, that divine knowledge must be "true and everlasting", whereas human sciences are changeable. I don't entirely agree with you. Science and Divine Revelation are both concerned with arriving at the Truth. With a capital T. I like to think of *both* science and religion as a jigsaw puzzle, picturing "the Truth". As time passes, humankind learns more and more about the Truth by assembling the pieces together. In a normal jigsaw puzzle, one may encounter a strange shape or colour, and have doubts as to what it is or isn't. However, when put in the grand scheme, and when put in the right position, this piece is essential to understanding and seeing the picture. Religion, like science, is constantly being presented in a different format, a different light, a different way, depending on the peoples of the time and on the time itself. There is only one religion in the world. The Baha'i Faith is not a new religion, it is religion *renewed*. Yes, religion can be renewed. and *must* be renewed. It cannot stay the same for ever and ever. the same basic Truth remains the same, always... but the religion itself changes from revelation to revelation. Religion, in terms of rites and practices, has changed much from the time of Moses to the time of Baha'u'llah. Do you see how both science and religion can "change" and essentially grow with time? Even though the Truth is "true and everlasting" as you put it, the way the Truth is presented and understood changes from time to time.

You see how closely related religion and science really are? :)

Sorry if this didn't make any sense or if it seemed like i was rambling... i don't have time to check over what i just wrote, so bear with me please...

just my two and 3/4 cents...

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