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Posted by Loren ( on December 09, 2002 at 11:16:33:

In Reply to: Ossama Bin Laden Revisited posted by Nick Stone on December 09, 2002 at 04:10:21:

The point is a valid one, however, I don't believe it gives any merit to Usama, or makes him any less a murderous rogue and plague to society. The suffering of foreign races is not an issue brought to the table by Usama. It is something that NPO's and Religious organizations in our country and around the world have been trying to bring to the forefront and help for many decades now.

Our Federal Government spends hundreds of millions of its tax payers money in aid to foreign underdeveloped nations each year. No nation on earth spends the money that this one spends to aid foreign nations.
We spend more to help developing nations in the middle east than any oil rich sheikdom spends to aid its own neighbor and fellow Muslim.

Whether or not enough is being done is something worthy of discussion, and I think a valid point. But I can tell you that before Usama said it, 'Abdu'l-Baha said it, Shoghi Effendi said it, Mother Teresa said it, etc. etc. etc.

What Usama said is irrelevant. He has already irreparably soiled his reputation with incomprehensible acts of evil against humanity. If Charles Manson spoke out against domestic violence, or the plight of the homeless, would this make him a humanitarian?

Anyway, I understand your point, but I also understand some of the outrage, when you quoted Usama, with the same open minded consideration one might give Gandhi.

People who have evil agenda's often cloak their intentions with religion or legitimate issues that will win the hearts of people, and make it appear what they are doing is actually a good thing. This is the method people like Hitler or other use, if they didn't, who would support them? Let's not be fooled by Usama's ploy to use the plight of the poor as a way to gain our sympathetic ear, or to justify his vicious acts against innocent people. If you really care about this issue, I suggest you find another spokesperson, and then let's talk about it.



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