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Posted by PatK ( on December 10, 2002 at 22:29:48:

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:C: the current theory is that these more specialized organisms could exploit certain
habitats more effectively than the more basic types of organisms, and hence the more specialized organisms were
successful and multiplied. so, essentially, competition pressure makes nature 'experiment' with new forms of life, and
some of these new life forms are able to compete successfully and survive.

PK: That sounds right. I would also add that abrupt changes in an environment might faovr the less specialized forms which might more readily re-adapt, optimizing for the changed environment.

PK: In some cases, nature might select individuals who matured sexually before having seemed to have matured physically. For instance, ssome cats might have spots when they are cubs and outgrow them as they mature. A neotony would be for the cat to retain the spots all its life, and for its descendents to also retain the spotted coloration.

PK: So, specializing has an advantage, until the environment is rapidly changing, when generalized forms, and even forms with neotony can have advantages.

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