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Mr Taherzadeh makes reference to this in his book "The Revelation of Baha'u'llah Vol 2" I believe it is on page 62 but if I am wrong I am sure that it is between pages 50 and 70.
Varqa asked Baha'u'llah how the Baha'i faith would be recognised by the people of the world to which He replied; (approximately) the country's of the world would arm themselves with the infernal engines of war and when fully armed would attack each other like blood thirsty beasts when the wars were over the wise of the world would gather together to discuss its cause and would come to the conclusion that it was religion that had caused this. They would then try to ban religion but discover that humanity could not live without religion. They would then look at all the religious doctrines of the world to find the one that best suited the needs of the time and come to the conclusion that it is the Bahai Faith…

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