Re: Do Bahais believe Mohammed is the Son of God?

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Posted by PatK ( on January 22, 2003 at 22:20:56:

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The understanding of this Baha'i (Pat Kohli) is what Jesus said of Himself is true, as is what Muhammad said of Himself.

As I see it, Baha'is categorize all the Founders of the World's Faiths, as "Manifestations of God". Muslims tend to categorize Those Holy Ones Who revealed a Covenant from God, as Emissaries of God. Christians view their Central Figure as the Son of God, and the title appears to have been applied to David and Adam as well. Jews see Moses as the Law-Giver.

To roll those up over time: Law-Giver, Son, Emissary, and Manifestation. I see them as increasing levels of proximity: a Son is closer than one who bears a law. An ambassador is someone who is entrusted with negotiating power that a son might not have. A videoconference w/ someone would have even more proximity than their appointed delegate.

I hope this helps.

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