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Posted by Noebel ( on May 26, 2003 at 04:30:42:

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Dear Brett,

I am more than glad that finally I got someone to talk seriously about
my subject. And I want really thank you very much for your elucidations which seem to me being able for further investigations on my own account. But -- a very BIG " B U T " --....

But as I always experienced in my case, when I hit some interest in these kinds of questions, the answers though they cercle very often very closely around the core they do in reality not correspond; mostly they touch the peripheric, even if it`s quite near.

My Question was:

Has Hadratul Baha`ullah fulfilled the inner duty of a muslim
to go to Mekka for the Hajj or not??

About the Hajj of the Nokta of everything I know well that He has accomplished this important Q`ida. He was going even further by admonishing a VIP at that time(whilst visiting the holy places).

Please do not think that I am interested in some sort of twist in this case. I keep for ever in my mind that a Manifestation of God is for ever free to do what He wants, because it is in any case good for the humans. Nothing but a straight answer I would like to get from
somebody like you who is versed in that matter.

For the moment a great thanks to you for trying to answer this question full of allusions to any kind of heretical suspiscions,
whilst steadily keeping in mind that God has created this world
with His Love and for it.a true seeker

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