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Dear Brett,

I want to really thank you very much for your efforts to find a satisfactory answer to my question, especially when I put some other topix into it, which now I got to explain. I hope we will not loose the initial question out of control: was it sincerely my problem, wether or not The Manifestation of God has fulfilled, what seems to be a duty for some dogmatix?? May be we should leave dogma with the dogmatix, and find peace in our own hearts by just listening to the Hidden Words or else.
But first I return to the Nokta. It means simply the Báb. I personnally called Him Nokta of everything, doesn`t He call Himself the Point of the Beginning and the End?
And The Báb has been on the Hajj, o.k.?

The second matter is really painful to discuss - and I find myself prisoner in a labyrinth - but I try at least to touch it: "Question full of allusions to any kind of heretical suspicions":

In the Iqán we can read over and over again citations from the Holy Qorán. I can never forget that Bahá`u`llah writes in this most important book, "that there has never been something greater and there will never be something greater (than the Q)".
Isn`t it that way a trueminded person must than follow up the
laws exposed in it?? ......So I for myself got to find a correct answer, for the moment though it is quite helpful, what you suggested
by the spiritual Kaaba.
I thought as well of some fiction which could help. The time Bahá`u`llah spent in Kurdistan is not yet very transparent. Maybe later on we hear of some facts which will turn the hole thing.
Using the fact of the so called "Takkiyah" inspires my fantasy so far, that I could easely imagine a (may be fiction????) hidden trip, a very mysterious tour, only because He was so sad and lonely that He would not share His Mecca-experience with others, may be even to prove their minds.
The average opinion of the Bahai-Faith is that of a sect, some sort of new religion, an offspring of Islám. His founder was some unknown
Shií-scientist, and in reality he was an apostate. Here we are.....
What a mess!!! You understand now a little bit what I mean by "question full of allusions to any kind of heretical suspiscions"!?

So, that`s for the moment. How often we must believe things we don`t
know?? Thank`s for spending your time on my behalf.a true seeker

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