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First & foremost, Persian as well as Urdu and Hindi are extremely rich in Arabic vocabulary. Urdu and Persian use the Arabic script and all three languages absorbed a vast Arabic vocabulary. I shall cite just a very few examples where the following Arabic vocabulary represents the same thing in all the previously mentioned languages.
Hukumat = Government
Siyasat = Politics
Wazir = Minister
Insaf = Justice
Adalat = Justice
Mohabbat = Love
Mehboob = Beloved
Inteqam = Revenge
Insaniyat = Humanity
Insan = Human
Dawa = Medicine
Badan = Body
Zamir = Conscience
Husn = Beauty
Jamal = Beauty
Sabr = Patience
Noor = Light
Jamal = Beauty
Izzat = Dignity/Self-respect/Self-esteem
Ilm = Knowledge
Question & Answer = Sawal & Jawab
Zolm = Immense Cruelty or Injustice
Zalem = Perpetrator of Immense Cruelty or Injustice.
Haq = Right (as in human rights)
Huqooq = Rights (Plural) eg. Huqqu'u'llah = God's rights.
Qanoon = Law
Hoqm = Rule or Decree
Rooh = Spirit
Akhbar = News
Khabar = News
Kitab = Book
Qalam = Pen
Air = Hawa

As illustrated, the list is endless. Therefore, if Arabic is mastered then Persian should be easy to grasp. Moreover, Arabic grammar is mandatory in any Persian syllabus.
Chaste Quranic Arabic differs more or less from the spoken Arabic.
Furthermore, spoken Arabic slightly differs from one place to another.
For instance, the Arabic word 'Qalam' means pen. This is how it is uttered throughout the Arabian world.
In Egypt, Syria and Lebanon, it is pronounced as 'Alam.' Notice the omission of the letter Q.
In Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, Palestine and the Arabian gulf and Lybia, it is pronounced as 'Galam.' Notice the omission of the original Q and replaced by the letter G (as in game).
In Algeria, Morrocco and Tunisia, it is correctly pronounced as 'Qalam.'
However, written Arabic and news stringently adhere to the grammatical rules.
The following countries are the appropriate places to master the language of revelation, Arabic, Egypt, Syria, Yemen and Iraq.
I earnestly urge all and sundry to master Arabic so as to savour and appreciate God's holy utterances thoughout the Islamic, Babi and Baha'i revelations.

Al Baha ala Ahl Al Baha
(Baha be upon the people of Baha!)

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