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Posted by John ( on June 24, 2003 at 05:46:23:

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Brett Zamir expresses my point in a detailed, elaborate and brilliant way. Unlike Brett, I have studied only a few of the major, original tablets and I hope I have assimilated them both in spirit and in heart. From these assimilations I interpret or understand the world and the spirit as well as other religions deductively or inferentially.

I would like to make one mildly contrary comment:

Brett wrote: "However, it is possible that Baha'is may need to be prepared to reconcile the assertions of some Christians which border on the offensive with the Chorionic correction of the excessive adoration of some Christians for the PERSON of Jesus (at the expense of the Greatness of God):"

... the same can be said of many Baha'is. In particular, and I realize it is difficult, Bahaullah's embrace of science means that what is real science today must be assimilated within Bahai. The advances in Science - all the sciences - are beyond the comprehension of almost everyone except those specialists who do it. Popular science, which is science as expressed in layman's terms in journals or magazines is a filtered version of real science.

I cannot understand a single sentence in the journal "Glia", which is one of the most important scientific journals dedicated to (human) brain structure and function. Yet, I am told through the filter of journalism that the glia have potentially mystical properties that might account for visions and other mystical phenomena.

Baha'is are a conservative bunch, which is not a criticism. Better slowly than hastily! Better cautiously than impulsively! Yet, there are many Baha'is whose retroactive versions or understandings of Baha'i fall well short of the integration of the findings of the modern sciences.

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