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The Universal House of Justice wrote:

"...In past dispensations many errors arose because the believers in God's Reveltion were over-anxious to encompass the Divine Message within the framework of their limited understanding, to define doctrines where definition was beyond their power, to explain mysteries which only the wisdom and experience of a later age would make comprehendible, to argue that something was true because it appeared desireable and necessary. Such compromises with essential truth, such intellectual pride, we must scrupulously avoid.

"... although individual insights can be enlightening nd helpful, they can also be misleading. The friends must therefore learn to listen to the views of others without being over-awed or allowing their fith to be shaken, and to express their own views without pressing them on their fellow Baha'is.

Universal House of Justice to an individual believer, May 27, 1966 (Lights of Guidance #1180)

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