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This will be posted eventually at Pending that, here's an unedited, unformatted version as just prepared by Khazeh Fananapazir:

Un-named Tablet in honour of Jinab-i-Vargha

dated 1st of Sha'ban 1298 (28 June 1881

trans. Khazeh Fananapazir

To the one who has fixed his gaze on the Countenance of God, the Most Glorious. His honour Varqa, upon him be the Gory of God the Lord of the throne above and the earth below.

In the Name of our Lord the Most Holy, the Most Great, the Exalted, the Most Glorious Who illuminated the world of humanity by the sun of firmament of His Knowledge, and Who adorned the heaven of wisdom with the stars of discernment and sight.

As to your question from the One True God glorified be His bounteousness about the martyrs of Miyan DuAb these luminous words were revealed from the Heaven of His Will:

The Praise that is sanctified from human mention and hearing belongeth to the Lord of all the Names.

Call to remembrance those souls who have turned their faces to My all-glorious horizon, have hearkened My sweet call, have held firmly the Sure Handle, clung to the hem of My luminous garment, have turned their faces to My Countenance which remaineth when all other things vanish into nothingness, who have taken their flight in the atmosphere of the love of their Lord, the Possessor of All Names, and who have quaffed the wine of His decree from the Crimson Cup and say to them:

Great is your blessedness because you have attained the all-highest purpose, the supreme station, and the sublime grades. Blessed indeed are you and sweet is your recompense because the Beloved of the World, the Most Great Name is mentioning you in such a manner that every true seeker will through it recognize the fragrance of My Garment, and every one endowed with the true sense of smell will attain the odour of My Name the All-Merciful, the Most Compassionate.

I bear witness that ye have truly recognized God in the Days in which all things, and beyond all things, the Supreme Concourse, have lamented because of that which has befallen on those souls who took strong hold of GodÔs Book and offered up their all in this Straight Path. Rejoice ye in the Supreme Horizon inasmuch as the Lord of all men mentions you in this Prison which has been named many names and which is named as the Most Great Prison in the Book of God the Almighty the All-Praised.

In truth your blood has been shed, a blood that was mixed with the love God; and your spirits have ascended, spirits which were fragrant with the breezes of GodÔs Days; and your bodies have lain on the ground _ bodies which were adorned with the ornament of martyrdom in the path of this Cause for which those near unto God and the sincere ones gave their all and their entire being.

In thus wise has the Tongue of Grandeur spoken in your memory and your praise. Verily He is the Forgiving, the Most Generous.

The light that shineth from th heaven of the mercy of the All Merciful God rest upon you O ye who are the manifestation of His names in existence and the dawning places of His recognition amongst the religions.

Ye are indeed the ones who were not prevented by any one or by the cavilling of the unbelievers. Ye heard and hastened to that station ordained by the Pen of God, the Single, the All-knowing.

Great be your blessedness and joy and the blessedness of those who bring you to remembrance and who visit you and recall this Visitation which the Tongue of this Wronged One of the world has uttered as all sorrow has encompassed Him__ sorrows brought about by those who have denied the right of god and the rights of His Friends and who have turned away from a Countenance that has shone from the horizon of His Revelation with perspicuous light.

And We make mention of Amin [whom We have mentioned before in Our perspicuous Book]. In truth he preceded most of the peoples in the service of God and the service of His revelation and he has attained unto that loving providence of which no one except the Omniscient the All-Knowing is aware.

We were with him as his spirit ascended unto the Great Beyond. We gave him drink from the most pure Kawthar time and again and the mercy of His Lord did surround him to such an extent that all pens are powerless to describe it.

Unto this doth testify He that has spoken and speaks now and always: There is non other God but Him the Almighty the Most Beauteous One.

O Amin!

Thou art a Letter of My Crimson Scroll and thou are a remembrance from this Book which speaks the truth. And we make mention of his lovers those who visit him and those of the Supreme Concourse, and those who have prostrated themselves before the face of their Lord the Master of this wondrous New Day.

Blessed is the one that continues in his remembrance of thee and who seeks through thee to get near unto God, the Lord of all the worlds.

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