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Posted by Brett Zamir ( on August 02, 2003 at 13:33:25:

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Since the campaign aims to be neutral, our website argues that if English or some other existing language is chosen by a political decision by the representatives of the world, this would help BETTER consolidate it. The reason there is a need for this (if English is to be chosen) is that English is not as widespread as some people imagine (see e.g., )--and it has not been made as an official language (even as an auxiliary language) in many countries (see for example). Thus, many are faced with learning several lingua francas (e.g., French and/or Arabic in Africa, Spanish in South America, etc.). Other countries' peoples, such as in China, which have even adopted English effectively as a second language, feel compelled to learn additional languages (e.g., Japanese) to their already monumental task since English levels in other countries are not adequate for doing business.

Again, the campaign does not wish to support any specific language or even any type of language (though our supporters may have their personal preferences which they could voice at such time as our world's leaders may deem it fit to consider the issue). The aim of the campaign is simply to employ a global grass-roots campaign for global democratic, decision-making on this issue--for the aim, in this case, of consolidating some agreed-upon language as a lingua franca (without eliminating native tongues).


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