What would Bahaullah say today?

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Posted by Stuart Gilman ( on August 14, 2003 at 18:19:32:

In Reply to: Re: Repression of ideas? posted by Jim on August 13, 2003 at 18:38:50:

August 14, 2003

I am delighted and surprised that Jim's remarks have been posted and left to be read, which is to say that I generally do believe that there is a repression of some serious ideas and of honest, well-intended discussion and not for valid reasons in many cases.

Refer here to the recent discussion of suicide - it seems to have ended when Jonah wrote that the praise of suicide historically preceded the edict against it - that, as Bahaullah "evolved" in His relationship with God, His idea changed.

Refer then to polygamy, bigamy and monogamy. In this case, we must move through Bahaullah's original polygamy, his change to bigamy and his utterance that monogamy is best, then to Abdul Baha's clear statement that only monogamy is accepted.

Now return to Jim's discussion about women and, though it might seem a bit tangential in logic, let us submit the possibility that - as in the changing views of suicide and marriage - if Bahaullah were alive today it seems to me, opinion, that the Blessed One would embrace not only the equality of men and women, but would allow women every right granted to men in all "branches" of Bahai service, including membership in the Universal House of Justice.


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