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Posted by Nick Stone ( on August 14, 2003 at 19:10:38:

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Dear friends,

I think there is a simple point which people are missing here. The Baha'i Faith is a religion, with clearly prescribed laws and teachings.

There are many people searching for religion or spirituality in the world. They often already have an idea in their minds what they are looking for, they seek a religion which conforms to their pre-held ideas and beliefs.

The true seeker has an open mind, and has to be prepared to change his beliefs. This must be true, otherwise we are left with a scenario where people assume they somehow possess ALL truth and try to bend religions to suit their own convictions. Just see the damage the Church is doing to itself by trying to be modern in accepting gays to be bishops etc.

Many of the greatest Babis and Baha'is had many difficulties to overcome in accepting the Faith. Vahid, Mirza Abu'l-Fadl to name but two. Both of these were extremely erudite, but they had to see through the veil of their own knowledge.

If an individual has such strong issues about women being excluded from election to the Universal House of Justice, or about disagreeing with the Universal House of Justice, or with any of the Interpretors of the Central Figures, then it seems they are don't have a sufficiently strong belief in the fundamental tenets of the Faith to really consider themselves Baha'i.

I don't want to be controversial, but what I mean for example, is that you cannot really be a Baha'i if you believe Baha'u'llah was merely an enlightened man.

All the best,


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