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Posted by Misagh ( on August 18, 2003 at 18:39:17:

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Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time to write a response to the whole message above, but i'd just like to briefly touch on this:

"The Persian portion of Bahai is the core population of our Religion. To stray forward or sidewise from their beliefs, interpretations and superstitions would destroy the Faith. Change is difficult and progressive change impossible. This is how it is and how it should be."

For the record, I was born in Iran and raised an Iranian, and I grew up in a Baha'i family. And, i'm quite proud of my Iranian heritage, and hope to one day go back and visit the Baha'i sites in that country and immerse myself in my culture.

But, I actually disagree with the statement quoted above.

I don't think the world should forget that Baha'u'llah was born and raised in Iran, of all places, precisely because that nation had been THE worst place on earth at the time, in basically any respect, be it socially, morally, spiritually, ethically, religiously, etc. etc.

Sure, there is a great priviledge bestowed upon Iranian believers for having shared the nationality of the latest Manifestation of God. BUT, with great priviledge comes great responsibility. Unfortunately, many Iranian "beliefs", "interpretations", and "superstitions" are not only diametrically opposed to the teachings of the Faith, they are among the greatest veils for the general Iranian population and Iranian Baha'i population today. It is often up to the Iranian believers to suspend those beliefs, interpretations, and superstitions that have accumulated like dust onto their culture, rise above them, and instead champion the new culture of the Baha'i Faith -- an international, all-encompassing culture. A culture that belongs to everyone.

The Iranian believers, like the believers of every other nationality, have certain sacrifices to make and maturation to go through. My view of the Faith is no more accurate than that of my Baha'i friends from Cameroon, Holland, Estonia, India, ..... We, the Iranian Baha'is, do not own the Baha'i Faith.

So much for "briefly" touching on the subject...

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