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Posted by Stuart Gilman ( on August 24, 2003 at 07:34:23:

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Having studied the various texts ordaining the exclusion of women from the UHJ, the statement that we shall in time be given the right understanding for the exclusion of women is repeated often. It is not possible for there to be a revision of this law, as has been stated repeatedly as well. Only an explanation which we are, by faith, to believe is promised as forthcoming.

Bahai fundamentalism will and has led to alternative 'Bahai' faiths or sects. Judaic, Catholic and Islamic fundamentalism have spawned thousands of both large and small religions. (Christianity was supposed to be an evolution of Judaic fundamentalism in the first place.)

Historically, every religion which adheres to its fundamentalist roots - as we do in Bahai - creates in its basic tenets the seeds of new religions which are in many cases antagonistic to its origin.

Two issues which are splitting the Christian and Catholic churches are Gay Marriage and Gay Clergy.

It is nearly 130 years since the tenet of exclusion of women from the UHJ has been expounded and never defended except as a demand for adherence to edict, with a promise of explanation to come. It is improbable and perhaps impossible for any reasoned explanation to arise that will be accepted other than as faith. The word explanation by definition means "reasoned" or "logical" explanation. By definition, any argument that does not satisfy the constituency it offends will never be accepted.

It is a pity that such a great religion as Bahai with its manifold and resplendent jewels of Divine Wisdom, cannot separate itself from nineteenth century ordinances which have little place in contemporary society. These exclusions - women from UHJ, practising gays - as well as other practises gradually being demanded of Westerners that are ORIGINAL and FUNDAMENTAL to the commands of Bahaullah and Abdul Baha restrict the growth of the World's Greatest Religion and its Blessed Manifestations.

Opinion - Stuart

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