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Posted by Rob ( on August 24, 2003 at 13:00:37:

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Dr Kelly's suicide was conferred by the authorities and accepted widely by family and the press, and that should suffice, though there will always be those who not believe anything anything if it does not suit their own purposes to defame the Faith or any authority figures in government.

Regarding the the war itself, and contrary to the psuedo-logic that a few enemies of the Faith have put forth in words directed to Lord Hutton and the press in the U.K. it should be noted that the Baha'i Community had nothing to gain and much to lose in the Iraq war. The Universal House of Justice and other Baha'i Institutions never encouraged the war in Iraq, and this is easily backed up by documents by the authority of the Faith; they wanted nothing to do with the war and guided the community of Baha'is to resist involving themselves in either advocating the war or resisting it in partisan actions. The fact is that "the Baha'i Faith does not take sides in conflicts between countries" and this has been across the board in regards to any and all wars throughout the modern era of the Faith, not alone the current Iraqi matter. While abhoring war and wishing to work as arbitrators to end conflict, we Baha'is simply do not take sides.

The Baha'i community had much to lose in such a war, yet remaimed faithful to its tenet of non-involvement in this political event and remains so to this day. The war actually threatened the Holy places and lives of the Baha'is with bombings and other uncertainties of wartime destruction including looting, pillaging and such. The war has subdued the Sunni minority as the prime ruling element and will thus increased the chances the Shiah majority will be more powerful thus more restrictive of Baha'i activities in the future years increasing the intensity of Shiah hold on Baha'i Holy sites or their obliteration.

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