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On 10.01.02 an unofficial Baha'i site is the source of the exact quote, found at http://www.bci.org/ciptt/calls_s.htm

which is a comprehensive African guide to needs during the five year plan. The quotation you are looking for is under the heading "South Africa - No category" and reads as follows (for your exact quote go to second paragraph - The message from the UHJ which is referred to is taking more time to find, but the odds are you found the quote from this secondary source.

No Category.

The New Garden Pre School in Stutterheim, South Africa, is now expanding into the New Garden Bahá'í School. The school is a joint undertaking of the Local Spiritual Assembly of Stutterheim, the Eastern Cape Bahá'í Council and the Eastern Cape Bahá'í Educational Trust. The service of an experienced Primary School teacher is needed to assist with the creation of the first Bahá'í oriented Primary School in South Africa. The teacher will help put together a Bahá'í inspired curriculum appropriate for a multi cultural mix of students in a small rural community in the Eastern Cape Province (100 kms inland from East London). The New Garden Bahá'í School seeks to advance the oneness of humanity, universal values and virtues, striving for excellence, and service to others as a strong foundation for a revitalized South African society. Older teachers, retired couples, and experienced younger teachers who are interested in pioneering for a minimum of two years in semi-rural South Africa are encouraged to communicate directly with Shelly Cook to obtain a detailed description of this opportunity to serve the Faith: PO Box 778, Stutterheim 4930, South Africa, cstcook@net4u.co.za or 27-43-683-1616

Travel teachers required for any period of time between two weeks to a few months to assist in achieving goals. These are exciting and demanding times and many opportunities exist requiring dedicated souls with the means and the will to turn them into "substantial victories" as recently indicated by Universal House of Justice in a message to the South African community. More on South Africa in Country Profiles"

Anytime anyone wants sources I am more than hapy to loacate.

Stuart. .. will continue to pursue THE PRECISE MESSAGE FROM UHJ

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