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Posted by Richard Reid ( on September 14, 2003 at 09:15:53:

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At the invitation of a few Baha'i students, Winston Evans came to Hope College in Holland, Michigan, to give a presentation on the faith in the early 70s. The meeting took place in Dimnent Chapel at which Mr. Evans quoted from the Baha'i writings from memory to demonstrate points of Baha'i belief, especially as it was connected with Christianity. The chapel was well filled, with some 100-150 people. After his talk, Mr. Evans welcomed questions from the audience. I recall only one of the many questions. One young man, I presume a seminary student, arose and attacked Mr. Evans's talk and the Baha'i Faith. I remember him saying that Winston had misrepresented Christianity, had misinformed the audience about Christ, and so on and on. Mr. Evans listened patiently. When the young man finished his attack, Winston simply said "Perhaps you are right. Next question, please." Whatever power the young man's argument had was lost because the personal integrity of Winston Evans would not permit the audience to think that he, Winston, was above reproach.

Thom, I hope this helps. I just typed it as I recalled it, without much editing.

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