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God Passes By, pp. 7-8, at confirms them as including the Letters of the Living and Directives of the Guardian, extends to this to also say the Báb. Some Answered Questions, chapter 11 at mentions them (without indicating who they are).

I recall reading a passage which I believe stated that Mirza Abu'l Fadl had indicated that the Baha'i who helped build the Mashriqu'l-Adhkar in Ishqabad was one of these elders also, but even if this is accurate, it would not be authoritative. (sorry I can't find the citation)

As far as Apostles, on the one hand, the term is used to refer to any dedicated servants who arise to teach the Faith (e.g., see ) On the other hand, there were some specific designees. A Baha'i Library search which you may have already done revealed , , , , , , , make mention of specific "Apostles". One of these, the second one above, mentions there being nineteen total, though there is no authoritative reference.


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