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In Islam there almost an inumorable amount of Hadith concerning thousands of subjects. The Hadiths are divided into a few categories.
The first: from the Quran itself.
The Second: From the "pilgrim notes" of the followers of Muhammad at the time of His earthy pressence. i.e. His behavior and his word when not in the time of revelation.
The Sunnah is the tradition of following the behavior of the prophet. Differences among Shi'a and Sunni Muslims are as many as there are between Catholic and Protistant. At the end of the daily call to prayer, Shi'a say "...And Ali is His Vice Sgt." This is a direct yet subtly reference to The Bab himself, His name was Ali. The "schism" in the Ummah (Islamic followers) was right after Muhammad passed. We have the Caliphs, and the 11 Imams, the 12th being the Bab, Imam Mehdi who going into a cave never returned, until 1844.
Mirza Abu'l Fadl, was one of the most learned among the Shi'a clerics until one day he came upon a Babi. The Babi (an un-educated horse shoeman) shattered All his learning by just showing him the contradtions in the Hadiths that lead up to so many clerics standing by Islam. Mirza Abu'l Fadl is the most learned and one of 19 apolostles of Baha'u'llah. You can check out www.islam.com and find all kinds of wierd Hadiths.

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