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Posted by simon ( on September 29, 2003 at 08:41:51:

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Can I just point out that I posed this question as a member of the Bahai faith who has experienced the incedible physical and psychological benefits that yoga can bring (mainly in theyears before I discovered the faith). By yoga I mean the practice of physical postures, meditation and breathing exercises and a vegetarian diet.
As a seeker of the truth, I am also aware of the religious heritage of what we in the west call "yoga", and am keen to satisfy myself that there is no conflict.

As a broad example, my common sense tells me that (meditation) mantras aren't connecting me to the power of long deceased yogis (as some yoga devotees would claim), but they may well be inducing certain brain wave patterns or subtle chages in my conciousness, which bring about the positive changes experienced by so many yoga students.
Similarly, I know that the amazing sense of well-being and physical and emotional strength that one gains from the application of yoga postures and breathing, is at least due partly to the massage and evacuation of the glands of the endocrine system, and not because of a pantheon of Gods looking after me.

Don't forget that the yoga postures and exercises/meditations etc have been refined over many thousands of years, and if anyone doesn't believe that the effects are real and positive then they clearly haven't successfully tried them. There is still so much that science does not understand about the human brain and human conciousness, therefore many of these things are unexplained and have an aura of mysticism about them for some people.

Having said all that I want to know what is RIGHT and what the TRUTH is as to whether God would want me, as a Bahai in year 2003, to be doing yoga ?

Kindest regards

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