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Posted by Brett Zamir ( on September 29, 2003 at 20:43:59:

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Dear Nan,

If you don't find anything from the few links I've added at , you can go ahead and start your own pages including links to lyrics and/or the lyrics themselves from the same website I just mentioned.

Just click "edit" at the bottom left of the page above, add the name of the new page (or pages) you want to add within the textbox that will appear after you hit "edit" (wherever in the textbox you feel is appropriate), and then surround the page name(s) you want to create with brackets (e.g., [Bahá'í_Lyrics]). Then hit "save" and you will see the page changed with your link created. If no one else already created a page with the name "Bahá'í_Lyrics" (there isn't so far), then there should be a question mark in front of "Bahá'í_Lyrics". Click on that question mark and you will be directed to a new page which you can edit in a similar manner (but which, in this case, you can dedicate entirely to lyrics). You can keep adding new pages and content in the same manner.

best wishes,

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