Wouldn't practicing religious yoga be like attending church?

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Posted by Dawud ( on September 30, 2003 at 03:56:01:

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Which is of course allowed and even encouraged, provided that one is not an adherent or member of the other religion. Or is there some relevant difference which I've overlooked?

Certainly the yoga practitioner expects to continue practicing yoga indefinitely, whereas the ecumenically-minded Baha'i will probably only visit the church. But if that Baha'i desired to attend church on a more regular basis, without taking that final step of full membership (a number of reasons are possible, chief among them probably family ones), there's nothing in the writings to forbid that, is there?

Regular prayer to Jesus Christ is even allowed, if memory serves (Some Answered Questions? I think!) Regular prayer to Krishna at least ought to receive parity, though regular prayer to Shiva or some modern guru might be a different matter altogether. (I say "regular" to distinguish habitual action from occasional action, as occurs when one acts politely at someone else's temple.)

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