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Posted by Jonah ( on October 01, 2003 at 13:12:49:

Dear readers,

If you read this thread and find some discussion missing, it is because I have deleted three postings from one individual. The questions about yoga are very interesting, and I myself would love to see them answered. However, it is not acceptable for one participant to:

  1. Call a contributor a "clandestine, insidious force away from Bahai" or "a distortionist"
  2. Propose that a contributor "become a Yogi ... and separate yourself from Bahai"
  3. Suggest that the original question was "a subterfuge, leading us from what matters to what does not"
The only postings on this board that seem to constitute subterfuge are those posted under a fake name or those that berate sincere participants both online and by private email for their worthy questions.


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