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Posted by Stuart Gilman ( on October 04, 2003 at 05:50:06:

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This is a good beginning but it offers more confusion than translucence.

Nowhere do you state that you are a Bahai nor that your contributors are Bahai.

Stating the non-sponsorship or non-affiliation with Bahai institutions or UHJ is a legal necessity. All sites not directly operated by the UHJ must disclaim formal association or sponsorship by the UHJ.

There is no doubt that you have put in the work you report. No doubt as to the general value of the site and its sophistication.

However, nowhere do you deny that you are an agent of any other institution or group. Perhaps you do not receive the donations you say you need because there is a suspicion that you are funded by a clandestine entity.

I have donated $25.00, as you confirm. I assure you that when I am satisfied you have total integrity, I shall increase my donation by $75 and make that an annual $ 100 contribution in perpetuity.

I am extremely pleased you are allowing this discussion to unfold. I am astounded that (with full true names) noone else has yet argued on your behalf. It is my best interest to see you survive my questions and emerge with clean hands.

Sincere appreciation from

Stuart Gilman - primitive but informative website.

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