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Posted by Stuart Gilman ( on October 06, 2003 at 05:52:48:

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Dear BJ,

Are we then to presume that JW has a job or is independently wealthy, or earns significant income, may have a family, and then has thousands of hours to devote to this site yearly without any revenue compensation and almost no donations.... If this is the case, he has never stated it or anything like it. I have been merely asking for honesty of basic personal data without receiving any. Very few perosns visit the site. If JW were to reveal his phone and fax number, for example, as does Dale Lehman of Delphiforums, what harm would it do?

In each instance, rather than come clean as to city, state or province, address, phone or fax, we are unanswered.

I am having difficulty with this. Please understand that as a link site there are no complaints. Most non-official Bahai sites offer the same. Some of my own sites have links to important Bahai sites. This tells you nothing about me. On you have a complete cv and biography.

As far as I can tell, the only thing "owned" by the bahai-library site is the bulletin board, the rest is links. Now, since the censorship or moderation of the site is rarely revealed, except in my own case (JW loves telling contributors he has eliminated dozens of my postings, as tho that presumes there is something wrong with them, what about others?)

The secretiveness of the site and its unaccountability have remained unexplained. I have only asked for an explanation.

Finally, in my private correspondence with JW I have been accused of almost everything except .... This contradicts an email received recently from JW that said:

"Dear Stuart,

Thank you for your contributions to the bulletin board.

I hope you'll understand that it's not intended to be a forum for
discussion, but rather a place for specific historical or academic
questions. For discussions, I suggest a listserver -- that format is
more suited for dialogue, whereas the bulletin board format is more
suited for a very limited amount of traffic. I don't mind if a week
or a month goes by without any postings so, unlike a listserver, we
don't have to post just for the sake of keeping it active.

There are quite a large number of Baha'i discussion lists. I don't
know offhand where there's a current list of them. Try a Google
search, and let me know if you have trouble finding some good ones.

Thank you! -Jonah


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