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Hi, Joe

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this is one area that's been fairly clearly legislated on.

At the House of Justice writes:

the Universal House of Justice had not established a list of different organizations that the Baha'i Faith should not support. An important distinction, however is drawn between association with other movements and actual membership. In general Baha'is are encouraged to collaborate with all others who are working towards the same goals as the Faith. Baha'is are not permitted, however, to be members of certain secret societies, of the religious organizations of other Faiths, of political organizations or, of course, of organizations whose goals are in conflict with the Baha'i principles.

I've also seen a separate letter from the House, which doesn't appear to be online, in which the House repeats this. It originates from legislation by Shoghi Effendi from Directives from the Guardian:
Disapprove membership (in) Freemasonry."
"Any Bahá'í determined retain membership (in) Freemasonry loses voting rights."
"The directive regarding membership in Freemasonry should be carried out by your Assembly in all areas under your Assembly's jurisdiction."
A Google search of for Freemasonry turns up a couple other refererencese. Here's one from
When Shoghi Effendi ruled in 1954-55 that Bahá'ís could not concurrently be members of secret societies, several Australian members were requested to withdraw from Freemasonry: those who did not had their voting rights removed.


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