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The Writings of Abdu'l-Baha, the Guardian, and the Universal House of Justice are quite clear on the topic of covanent breaking. Unfortunately it's been a while since I've read up in depth on this subject... here's my crack at it:

"How does one become a covenant breaker?"
A covanent breaker is one who willingly opposes the centre of the covanent while claiming to be a Baha'i. As you mentioned, only the centre of the covanent at this time (UHJ) and the Hands of the Cause can declare anyone a covanent breaker, and this is done very very rarely to my knowledge.

"What does one have to do to be considered a covenant breaker?"
Willingly oppose the centre of the covanent while claiming to follow the Baha'i Faith and make claims that go against the nature of the covanent.

"What could lead others to think "hey this person is acting like a coventant breaker"?"
Of course, it's no one's place to say such a thing. Usually any suspicious activity is reported through the proper channels (i.e. Aux. Board member for protection, NSA, etc.) and it will eventually reach the UHJ. As for the specific activities, well, that's harder to pinpoint. History has shown us people who claim to be the "rightful" Guardian, people who have claimed a position of power or status within the Faith which is totally unfounded (i.e. Ibrahim Khairella), people who attempt to belittle the UHJ and claim that they themselves know what is best for the Cause at this time. It should be noted that as a non-Baha'i, one cannot be a covanent breaker; a covanent breaker is, by definition, enrolled in the Baha'i community.

If i've given any false information, someone pls let me know...

- M

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