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Posted by Richard D.Valentine ( on November 15, 2003 at 09:20:04:

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I've read the reply posts and it covers all well.

I remember in my earily years preaching the Bible in
the streets to every and anyone,it was my desire that
every soul that doomed for hell would accept Christ and
be safed from that eternal fire! Preaching in the subways,
project houses, to gangs who threatened my life, to those
who are and were my employe'ers. I did this for years
and my greatest sorrow was that all the efforts to save
souls from hell fire resulted in few conversions,however
perhaps in the years to come something might have brought
those souls to Christ, and that is what I finally began to
understand, I was only a sower of seeds from the Bible.
Anyhow years past and finally something clicked, something
missing, it seemed that there must be more,Jesus had not
returned after couple of thousand years. Until many years
later of searching I met a Bahai,the rest is history.
What I am trying to say from all this, follow your heart in
sewing seeds, some seeds will fall on rocks,other seeds will
fall on sand and some seeds will fall on good soil, this story
was told by Jesus and He was saying to us that in our effort
to reach the heart that is ready seeds will also fall on hearts
that are not. If I met a Bahai in my early years perhaps I
would have done all within my power to convert that soul to
Christ, but only when my heart was ready would the news of
Baha'u'LLah be accepted and my real joy comes from the knowledge
that at last I have spiritually seen Christ's return.

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