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Dear Misagh,

No doubt you are right and most times curiosity kills the cat. Recently, I was so curious about what is it that mainstream followers of Mason Remy hold to so fast that make them beleive what they do. And after talking with a member of the NSA of the US and my auxilary board member I have stopped looking at there sites. However, I may be the only one in here who has gone as far into the the jackals den. Beleive me, if one is well read in the history of the Faith and the readings of all the central figues and institutions, and well aware of the steady progress that the Faith in general is having in the world, what they say is like water off a ducks back. Stuart before has said something along the lines of "love thy enemy", yes, but also know thine enemy. If you are aware of what your opponents are using as arguments you can be prepared and deepen yourself and others. I went as far as to correspond with the "3rd Guardian" Joel Marrangella himself. A reculsive coward who sites academic sources as his proof. Think of the analogy, when building a house each brick needs to be properly balanced and aligned or all the bricks after it will be off. The fundemental argument is that Mason Remey thinks that Abdul'Baha refered to him as his son and also that he was the president of the now dissolved international Bahai Council. Thus his sole argument to him and all his followers. The fundemental argument is off. Abdul'Baha refered to MANY people has his children in personal adresses and tablets. Louis Gregory was always regarded as being extremly close to The Master and He always refered to him as his son. Did Louis Gregory break the covenant? NO he was a champion of the Cause and a wonderful African American Baha'i. Point being that the brick that covenant breakers laid backwards in the firstplace has totally "funktified" the house of their claims. It is dangerous for young Baha'is and especially those who are not well read in the history or the faith to foster such "what ifs" and "maybes".
I have the practice of informing news Baha'is of a look at it now picture. The statistic alone of Baha'is under the House of Justice are good enough for some. And for others who like to know all they can from a historical aspect, its just a matter of time before the truth reveals itself. Queen Victory said upon recieving the Tablets of Baha'u'llah, "if this is of God then it will remain".

Now days, most covenant breaker activity is on the internet and this is where people can hid behind the mask of anonimity. well dear friends no true Baha'i should hide behind anything.

here is the Orlando Baha'i website that you all may visit. It has documents of the 5 year plan. Pictures of we the youth, and other community photos, and a message board that we use. If any of you are wondering who I am or what I look like my profile with picture is there.

Allah'u'Abha with love,

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