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Interesting thread... although, what happened to the Borgs?!

Just a note, many many years ago (I believe it was slightly before or just at the time the UHJ was just coming into place), a member of the Canadian NSA at the time did a cross-Canadian tour deepening the friends on the covanent, esp. since it was a period rife with covanent breaking activity.

It is interesting to note that, based on two eyewitnesses with whom I spoke, rather than than said NSA member refuting the covanent breakers' claims and challenges, one part of the deepening was conducted thus: After having asked the participants in advance to read and study relavent portions of several books and Tablets (including the Will and Testament of Abdu'l-Baha, the World Order of Baha'u'llah, and other letters and tablets by the Master and the Guardian) the NSA member showed up at the deepening and bombarded the participants with questions similar to, "How can we prove that Shoghi Effendi was the successor of Abdu'l-Baha?" and "What evidence do we have that the UHJ should be formed?" and "What is the role of the Hands of the Cause?" etc. etc..... basically, wanting the audience to use the materials they had read and studied to answer direct questions.

It's an interesting way of conducting a deepening on the Covanent. It precludes people from having to mire themselves by reading the claims of the covanent breakers, and focuses on the specific guidance from the Master, the Guardian, and if we like, the UHJ related to this topic. With this sort of foundation, it really doesn't matter to you or I as individuals what the "enemy" says.

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