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Dear Misagh,

Its interestng to hear that. A good history lesson.
At every time during a shift in athourity in the faith, from the Bab, to the UHJ there has been a breach in acceptance. If I may relate it with war analogies...During a warand peace time both sides have spies working behind enemy lines gaining and exploiting information. if you read the Art of War by Tzung Tzu he talks about the different kinds of spies that are needed to win a war. In this case the UHJ has agents activly reading and keeping up with covenant breaking activities and moreover the activities of Baha'is. For example there is no doubt in my mind that NSAs around the world and auxilary board members for protection read almost all of our postings here at the site, not to mention others. Are we and they being monitored? You bet'tcha. The important personally I think to remember here is that ignorance is bliss. The less we concern ourselves with the activies of those who try and tarnish the reputation of the faith, the more we can focus on bettering and promoting its name, i.e. Blazoning in the Name of Baha'u'llah.
I wince to think about how covenant breakers teach the faith to non-Bahais. I know someone who was taught the faith by covenant breakers and now they are a mainstream Baha'i after reading a little history. Do the covenant breakers read mainstream Baha'i litterature and pamphlets put out by the UHJ and respective NSAs? Yes. Why then do the continue to act so flamboyant in the efforts to be-little the athourity of te UHJ? I dont know. Its not all literal when it comes to "spying", but monitoring and gathering intelligence for the sake of knowing what your enemies are up to, is unfortunatly a nessasity. In the case of the covenant breakers they try to grasp snipets and phrases to use agaisnt and in there arugments. I beleive in the future the duty of Auxilary board members will be fulltime. they may even carry little badges =) It sounds alot like communist tactics of having spies everywhere, but in this case it is for the well being of the community to have each person be an agent of the institutions. If hearing about something that may cuase questions or instil doubt, it is up to thee individual, official or not, to investigate and report the claim or statments made by a certain party.

Now the fundemental question; Did the Borg have spies???

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