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Posted by Brett Zamir ( on November 27, 2003 at 12:38:52:

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Although I don't think I have anything of my own to offer in this area, I thought you might be interested in helping us co-construct our Physics collaborative "wiki" page or use another existing link (or add your own) at the Material-Physical page (covering all aspects of material life) (See Subject or the main page for other choices by which we are arranging data.)

The first priority I feel we should have in our developing the wiki site is for us to gather the authoritative guidance from the Bahá'í Writings on the subject and arrange it for easy viewing (as in Lights of Guidance-style headings, links back to the quotations, etc.), so that there is a common understanding we can offer on the authoritative Bahá'í perspective for a given topic (and so people do not need to rehash the same data over and over again, but can instead refer people to the appropriate wiki page).

Any scholarly pages on the subject done by individuals, can be first added by making a link to your own page at user pages and then adding the same named link also to the Physics or other subject page. Or, if you already have a website on the topic, if you do not want to add your own wiki page and link to it, you can just add a link to your website (if it is on topic) to the relevant page.


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